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AdFactor, Inc. started out in 2008 as an affiliate marketing company and quickly expanded into many related digital marketing fields. Drawing from the design prowess of our personal projects, we soon saw great success in developing our own creatives for use with our affiliate marketing efforts. Before long, other companies noticed our above average conversion rates and our original designs and started getting in touch to request custom creatives for their campaigns as well. This influx of design work inspired us to take our innovations to new levels, further enhancing the Internet marketing offerings of AdFactor.

In January of 2009, began redirecting traffic to our design agency’s homepage at, taking some of the focus away from affiliate marketing and placing it on creative consultations and design work. New chapters continued to unfold for our business, with our acquisition of the web hosting provider OptimalWebhost in August of 2009. As we improved the infrastructure of, we also expanded our creative efforts to include Internet marketing techniques such as eMarketing and Search Engine Optimization. These enhancements allowed us to fully cater to the creative and technical needs of our clients.

The Birth of the AdFactor Network 

Dedication, hard work, investment, and countless hours brought what was once a small affiliate marketing firm based in a small garage into a multi-facility operation with numerous data center co-locations located across the country. Our projects expanded from modest jobs for small family businesses into more complex projects for multi-national corporations such as industry-wide websites and integrated Web marketing campaigns. Due to its rapid growth and continued expansion, Down By The River outgrew its humble beginnings and became AdFactor.

Whatever the size of your company, AdFactor Network provides a complete Internet marketing solution for your business and its ongoing success. Our firm offers results-driven website design, truly dedicated Web hosting, Social Media Optimization (SMO) campaigns, and an aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system with detailed reporting to illustrate campaign results.